Our Mission


Furniture Bey touches everyone, needs to understand, accurate and based on the satisfaction of finding solutions, will build a lifelong partnership, which aims to achieve.
Our Values
Respect and Commitment
In our business the right way, we do right and heartfelt owning.
What gives words, we must bring our promises instead, we give the results.
We continuously develop ourselves and our colleagues.
Honest in all our relationships, act transparently and consistently, we build long-term relationships based on trust so.
"We" being
We are the first and the common goal to satisfy our customers; Do have each other for support, we appreciate the support given to us.
Until the team takes care of individual performance and company performance, and support.
We listened to before and we know all of our communication needs.
Trust each other, we respect each other's expertise.
Our decision, we will give the whole thinking and evaluating the impact of the whole.
Bey Bey, furnished with furniture and each other in our society and protect the environment, and we support it.
How could not do a job, and how it can be done by developing new approaches and we say.
In cases where our knowledge to meet the different needs of standard solutions, our experience, we produce the most appropriate solutions to the needs of rapidly taking advantage of our relationships and technology.
Customers and develop new ideas to make life easier for each other and we move to implement these ideas.
We embrace change; is the most quick and seamless exchange on everyone, including ourselves, to go through life we ​​know that to do its part.
Unless we take the initiative and we repeat our mistakes we can learn from our mistakes, we encourage to use it.
Performance is defined according to objective and measurable criteria, we assess fairly and in a consistent manner.
A job well done, we surely appreciate; We also found the feedback to improve each other.
The issues that we believe to be accurate defend to the end in a rational way, we try to implement in a constructive way.