Who are we?

Since 1950, the years of experience and 65 years of success story of the furniture sector managed to become the leading provider of Gentlemen furniture, product diversity, design differences, quality and after-sales services throughout Turkey to provide added value to the sector by taking part in prestigious brands and new initiatives It continues to create.

Consumer-oriented approach to the sector's needs and expectations at every point of their products and services in the best way reflects Mr. furniture, new trends and anticipating trends in home decorating is constantly developing all production and service processes. Combining experience in the production and marketing of the modern understanding of the industry with its innovative line of furniture Bey, also aims to continuously raise standards in the furniture industry.

And for those who want to make a difference in home comfort products designed combining elegance and comfort without compromising on quality Bey Furniture, apart from the specific models reflect the wide range of products. Seating group of bedroom, dining room from the panel furniture, children's and youth room in the home textiles, kitchen from one another up to the bathroom without accessories offering special collections Bey Furniture, different tastes a lot of products and brings with spaces.

Making a difference with applications that simplify the lives of consumers Bey Furniture, attractive campaigns offered each semester of your every need for home decoration, creating privileges with discounts and campaigns in different product groups, consumer's convenient in every way.

Furniture gentlemen, is also rapidly becoming a global brand with a lot of Turkey to wrap the product. There are currently 21 i love country Bey nevmi, Why, Duruno, offering products with Dockers brands Bey Furniture, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Kazakhstan, Romania, England, carrying Turkish quality abroad in many countries such as France.
In 1950, the Suluova Amasya workplace accident in a small story with our principal Ankara, cabinet until the 90s, bedrooms, began producing furniture types, such as tables and chairs. Workshops was held in Kiirikkale under one roof .. 65 years of experience with Bey managed to become Turkey's leading furniture brand Furniture, Turkey continues at a rapid pace and the successful and stable growth in the world furniture market.

Mission and Vision
Our mission is to research - development activities in accordance with our consumers' different lifestyles and patterns of use, world-class, to create a human and environmentally friendly products and produce.

Our vision, innovation and technological developments by continually raise the bar on product quality, to proceed with confident steps towards becoming a global brand and maintain our leading companies in the market structure. However, export-oriented our work to bring Turkey into the foreign currency earnings and employment benefits in the broad sense of our investments is to support the national economy by creating labor.
Quality Policy
In national and international competition, not only economic product to meet customer demand, but also good quality, reliable and timely plays an important role to meet.

For this purpose, our company; "Productivity and Customer Satisfaction" and the slogan itself continuously developing economic demands of customers, quality, quality policy has been identified as essential to a reliable and timely manner.
Environmental Policy
Our companies operating in the furniture industry, in national and international competition and globalized world, has been working as an innovative and environmentally responsible organization. To this end; the rational use of natural resources, polluting elements and by constantly monitoring our environmental waste, legal regulations and work with the philosophy of continuous improvement within the regulations, all of our activities to document and share our basic environmental policies of our society.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy
All our staff deserve to work in a healthy and safe environment, "the philosophy of OHS policy consists of the following principles.
         Healthy and safe work environment for our employees at lower levels to reduce the risk by risk analysis studies across the whole company to provide,
         The continuous improvement and development work related to OHS practices,
         All of the employees' individual responsibility to provide training in order to make them aware,
         Occupational Health and Safety to act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations,
         In our business boundaries, suppliers and forwarding declaration within the framework of the above principles and we are committed to our subcontractors.